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of smartphone users have looked for local information*
use their smartphones to gather shopping and restaurant information*
of smartphone users browse the internet*

*Google Mobile Ads Blog


Mappsite is the latest addition to Capital Software, a 20+ year software/database, AS400 system/platform/website developer located right here in Columbia, South Carolina.

We’ve been building professional websites since the birth of the internet.  Websites that don’t just look good, but sites that perform – sites that convert visitors into leads or sales.

As mobile as grown, so have the number of mobile sites we’ve built.  Your mobile site will have our technical experience, eye for design and commitment to customer service behind it every step of the way.

Do we really need a mobile site?
Good question, since most sites look okay on the latest iPhones and Android phones.  But mobile is different.  People on a smartphone access your site for different reasons than when they browse it on a regular computer.  They typically want to know where you are and how to get there, they want to call you, or they want a few basic facts.  Plus, all those nice links you have that work so well on regular computer. . .they get a little tough to navigate on a four inch screen.

Email kevin@capsoftinc.com or call us at 803-227-1501, let us educate you about mobile.  Then you decide if you really need a mobile site.